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Welcome to the web home of VooDoo Economics, Baltimore's Premiere Live 80's Music Experience! If you're like us, you wanted your MTV. You hated Alf. You've fallen and you can't get up. You asked total strangers in the car next to you if they had any Grey Poupon. You know that "wax on, wax off" is not an obscene statement. You wondered how come Smurfette was the only girl Smurf, and whether she got around. You knew who Luke and Laura were. You knew who Bartles and Jaymes were. Your daily vocabulary included words like "gnarly", "tubular" and "grody." You thought The Clapper was a really cool idea. Your hairstyle made you 5 to 7 inches taller. You had heated arguments with your friends on whether Trivial Pursuit pieces were called "pies" or "wedges." You had a Swatch watch. Or 3. Worn simultaneously. You thought that redhead from "Goonies" was seriously freakin' hot. Your shoulders were padded. You thought a boom box was a great way to carry around your music. You wore, knew someone who wore, or wanted desperately to buy a pair of parachute pants. Or Vuarnet sunglasses. Or Izod shirts. Or OP shorts. And you wondered where the hell the beef was.

Right. You're one of us. This band was made with you in mind. So come on in, kick off your Vans (or your yellow Chuck Taylors, or your Puma Clydes) and have a look around. Check out where we'll be playing next, view the gallery, meet the band. Then come on out and see us for a great night of 80's hits. We think you'll be glad you did. And....

Thank you for your support!

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