Many people dont know it, but I was in quite a few bands back in the 80s. To prove it, Ive decided to add some old band photos to my bio.

I was in Duran Duran during their early years. It was fun and all, but the lads were kinda prissy. All they worried about was their hair and makeup. I eventually got kicked out of the band for not being serious enough.

So then I joined up with A Flock of Seagulls. We didnt stay together too long (can you say one-hit wonder?). Besides, they were a little too avant-garde for me.

I wanted something more mainstream, So I joned Devo. Boy that was great. We got wear neat hats, cool costumes, and act like robots sometimes. Being a spud boy for a while was good fun, but as I matured I grew out of them. So then I joined Culture Club.

We were the It band for a long time (several months at least). Unfortunately, Boy George got a little too hands on in his work, so I left them and moved on to other adventures. Im sure I have some additional old band photos around here somewhere. Ill post them as I find them.

As far as the equipment I use: Fluke 73III DVM Hart 9102S (-10C to 122C Wow!) AutoCAD 2004 (only because of NMCI) Altek 830A (my latest acquisition)

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