(aka/Captain Massive Sax)

Favorite 80's movie? GOONIES!

Favorite 80s food for me was that cool Fixin's Bar at Roy Rogers. It was like a free buffet of pickles and tomatoes just for ordering a bacon cheeseburger! Man that was the best - eating at Roy's for three hours after class waiting for Monday night dance band practice - 6:30 to 9:00..every week.

Equipment: Yamaha Alto and Soprano saxophones, and whatever percussion stuff I can get my hands on...

Inspirations: Glenn Miller, Spyro Gyra, David Sanborn, Yes Special thanks go out to all the sound engineers I've worked with who somehow make it sound like I actually might not suck...

My first live concert was when I was in the fourth grade and my school band held a concert - I actually had a solo playing "Mary Had A Little Lamb"... I guess my Parents knew way back then...
Coke Classic is the only choice for your non-adult beverage needs.......Bill Cosby was WRONG!

Speaking of Cosby....got to go with Ms. Huxtable.

Favorite album growing up was "News of the World" by Queen containing the quintessential "We Will Rock You" and "We are the Champions"...still can't figure out if that's really one song or two though.

Favorite song on that album, by the way is "Sleeping on the Sidewalk" a cool tune about a trumpet player who made it big and probably wished he never did.

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