"Showtime, Synergy!"

Even in the midst of the classic movie lines, the wacky Atari games, and the unbelievable albums, in December 1982 straight out the Cabbage Patch came one of the best 80’s phenomenons: Kristin Lagana.

Bon Jovi has come to her for tips, Debbie Harry looked for fashion inspiration, and Steve Perry asked her for spiritual guidance.

She hung out on a frequent basis with the likes of Punky Brewster and Debbie Gibson, passing time by traveling back and forth visiting friends at Fraggle Rock and Rainbowland. She also enjoyed causing ruckus with the Brat Pack and shopping with Smurfette.

She was backstage at the concerts of bands like Foreigner and Def Leppard by the age of 5. Every time she kicked someone’s ass at Frogger or Pac-Man they’d give her a band t-shirt, but since she was a kid and the shirts were huge she’d tie them to one side so she could walk around… thus began a fad. Once she lost a game of Trivial Pursuit to Boys Don’t Cry… they sure cried that night.

Her heroes include She-ra and Jem and she loves to be Pretty In Pink. She’s still holding out for Ferris Bueller, but would love it if Joey McIntyre said she had the “Right Stuff”. She’s actually not that picky cuz she’s a “Maneater”, which happens to be her favorite 80’s song ever. As a kid, she wanted her MTV so she could watch “Take On Me” over and over and over again.

Though 1989 was a sad year where she learned to put away the jellies, the banana clips, and the Hypercolor tees, she grew to welcome change, but deep-down Kristin knows that Goonies never die, and neither will the 80’s.

She knows her friends, her family, and her band “Don’t Stop Believing” and she sends them this message along with her thanks: “I guess you’re just what I needed…”

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